you never know where inspiration will strike

Just a quick one today…lots going on!

I don’t know much about this poet, Kimiko Hahn, but this poem of hers is great.

The Details We Fall For
by Kimiko Hahn

for my students

Shifting to fifth and swinging behind a Harley
he could be you: black helmet, gloved fists —
on that spin down some LA boulevard,
the heat of February sweating the streets,
my hands around your waist in our first contact
since I married a second time still not to you.
What were those weird trees,
Dr. Seuss illustrations, cocktail mixers?
and what about all that pink–
bungalows, latex buns, tanning billboards–
details instructing the interior landscape
we ride through even, or especially in sleep.
I’m back in New York.
So to the driver behind me:
don’t tail the woman behind the guy on the motorcycle.
She’s working on a rough draft.

– from Aloud-Voices from the Nuyorican Poets Cafe


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  1. mamacita says:

    I do too enjoy reading the various poems, good choices too.

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