Sunday poem

Just a quick one for this evening from my lovely friend, Una Hynum.

by Una Hynum

Dark descended into night;
the thinnest parachute of light
adorned the wood with crinkled well
as silent as a silken sail
collapsed about a naked deck.
Stars crawled out upon their knees,
blinked in circles round the trees,
felt their way along the ground,
discovered paths; without a sound
filled the woods with muffled flak.
At the crossroads children stand,
readied jar lids in their hands,
enchanted by one throbbing star
aglow within a Mason jar.
Awed, they let the prisoner go,
not understanding what they know.

– from Everyday Birds on Everyday Fences


One Comment Add yours

  1. redred says:

    I love rhymes.

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