to a ghost

May elaborate more tomorrow, but for now…

for Jeff Buckley
by Lizzie Wann

Rivers that run through Memphis
will take you down
swallow your arms, your bare feet
all the loveless parts of you

You have no say against it

Your voice means nothing to the river
the earth wants you inside it
and the river is the mouth
that will take you down
take you in
learning every inch of you
committing you to memory
like none of your lovers ever could
only amid the water’s chaos
will you feel true tenderness
as the roaring becomes the only sound
bigger than you
bigger than you could ever know
sound could be
and nothing can save you

You are being called
to the edges
to the void of aching silence
and extreme anger
that can be soothed only by the river

In Memphis, where you were quiet,
creative, unheard
where you fought lack of love
loss of tenderness
turned it into grace
and fabric of a simple
city dress
ageless, ageless

You made demands only rivers could answer

It approached you with intention
like none of your lovers ever could


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