the return of Java Joe’s & the rest of what’s happening

I’m behind!

I didn’t post on Thursday because almost as soon as I got home from work, Han & I were out the door to run a couple errands before heading down to the new Java Joe’s.   Earlier in the year, Joe was planning to open up a new spot, but now he is co-opting (so to speak) with an existing place and booking music and running the place 4 nights a week (Thursday thru Sunday).  Han is scheduled to play there every Thursday in August with John, an old friend of ours.  The 2 of them used to play together back in the days of the first Java Joe’s in Poway.

It was cool to hear them play together again.  Han on his drum and John singing and playing guitar.  Han’s talent on the drum is truly remarkable.  The crowd was light but enthusiastic.  Hopefully, as word gets out, it will take on a new life.

Yesterday, I missed posting because I had a busy day at work, then after work, I drove up to LA to my folks’ house as my sister and her son are in town to visit.  Sandy will leave on Monday so I’m spending the weekend up here.  When I arrived last night, we hung around the dining room table and chatte for a while, then watched some TV.  I went to bed around 11 pm.  I was tired!

This morning, after eating a gigantic croissant, Sandy & I went to the movie.  We saw “The Proposal.”  It was better than I thought it would be. I forget how much of a sucker I am for those rom-coms, but they always get to me.  After the movie, we met my mom, dad & T at Puffy Taco, a place that’s been featured on “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.”  I had the taco plate (2 puffies, rice & beans).  I selected carne asada to fill my ‘puffies.’  We brought it back home and it was quite tasty.  Tonight, we’ll be going to Panda Inn (Panda Express’s parent).  This visit seems to have quite the gastronomic flair to it, eh?

To catch up on the joy-seeking:

Thursday’s joy: being back in the familiar atmosphere of Java Joe’s and thinking about all the memories I have of each of its incarnations

Friday’s joy: eating In ‘n’ Out Burger and hanging out with the family and the summer night air of this high school town of mine

Saturday’s joy: so far…hanging out with my slim sister and more just overall family time


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  1. Mia says:

    It’s great to spend time with the family and I hope you have a really good time (which I’m sure you have judging by yours and Sandy’s blogs)
    Miss you all. Take care, love you

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