bad router blues

As I mentioned in my last post, my internet connection was sporadic over the weekend.  And then, on Monday night, it was all but impossible to get online at all.  After a fruitless call to Time Warner, we determined that we needed a new wireless router.

So Tuesday, after work, I went to Best Buy (ick) and purchased one, then brought it home and let it sit in the box for Han to deal with it the following day.

What was I to do?  No internet?  No ability to answer emails, track down venues, update calendars…this was foreign territory.  Han had a show to attend (Sara Watkins on the Hornblower ship for a radio thing), so DK & I made cheese enchiladas and watched “License to Wed” and then “Mamma Mia!” (still, the joy of that movie is awesome).  It was quite a pleasant evening.  Maybe I should do that more often, take one night off every week, no internet, no computer at all.  Wow, what a concept!

I did talk to my mom last night and learned that they were heading out to Utah the next day.  I had completely lost track of their schedule so I was glad she had called to let me know.  They’re probably in Beaver, Utah right now, or where do they stay these days?  Anyway, I’m sure Sandy is anxious to get her boy home and to hang with the parental units.

Back to the router, after a frustrating day on the phone with “support,” Han was able to get everything hooked up and all seems to be well in our interweb world.  The other troubling technological issue of late is that I seem to have misplaced my iPod.  Extremely sad.  I’m hoping it will just turn up one of these days, but it’s a slim hope.  I just have no idea where it is.  Sigh.

That’s all for now!  Until next…


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  1. redred says:

    that is a good idea – shut down one night a week!

    and you’re right…I am happy the boy and the parents are here.

    love ya!

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