an extended break (with some pain)

It’s been entirely too long between posts for any self-respecting blogger. Sorry for that. What can I say? Life gets in the way much more than I ever imagined it might. Or I’m tired, or I tell myself there’s something else I should be doing. It’s a recurring story. What can I do to break the pattern?

That said, this won’t be a long post, as I need to get to bed. But a glimmer of me for you. For anyone reading (hi Mom & Sandy & Mia & Dad).

Han is on the road ’til Monday so I have some time to reflect and relax in different ways than when he is here. It’s not better or worse, just a different situation. I’m letting myself do some things I can’t (won’t) do while he’s here: have candles lit (he’s allergic to the scented ones) and watch guilty pleasure TV (ANTM re-runs anyone?).

Last week, I was home, inflicted by a good 5 hours in urgent care that resulted in some extra-strength ibuprofen and some vicodin to relieve some harsh pain from what they could only presume was some kind of muscle tear in my rib cage. I took Tuesday & Wednesday off, and had already requested Thursday & Friday off to go to Las Vegas with the Acoustic Duo. Instead, I stayed here and Han went to his gigs. It was for the best, but it was a bummer. But the rest was good for me, though I didn’t do much else other than watch movies, sleep, and try to book some shows.

The week before that, I was in Iowa for work. I enjoy going out there. I did pretty well with the travel too, thankfully. My co-workers were cool and we got along well. Our meetings were good, and what’s better than a summer night watching minor league baseball in Iowa? It wasn’t heaven, it was Iowa.

This afternoon I got a wild hair to “friend” a lot of folks from my high school graduating class. Next year will be the 20 year reunion and I had a major moment of nostalgia, just wanting to know what everyone is doing now, and more surprisingly wanting them to know what I’m doing. So I filled out some more info on my profile and posted some photos. Many have already accepted and written a note on my wall, and it’s nice. I can’t quite explain my shift in attitude, but there’s an interesting fondness I’m feeling for these folks, a true wish for their happiness and success. Maybe my jaded heart is softening.

In other news, our dear Barbara has taken off for Austin. At her farewell party that we hosted, I drunkenly sang “Miss Celie’s Blues” for her, a song that she & I bonded over very early in our friendship. It probably sounded terrible, and it ended in tears, but it was still a truly beautiful moment between us, and one that I’ll think of often. Many of our friends already have plans to visit her, and she’ll be back periodically to do some shows with Flan during his music season so I know we’ll stay in touch. I hope Austin knows what it’s in for.

I’ve made some small steps toward getting my health/weight on track. I’ve started the process of receiving phone consultations with a health coach. Our next talk is on Monday when we’ll discuss more of my weight loss goals and start figuring out how I can achieve them.

My dad is recovering from some surgery and I’m glad to say that he’s doing well. My mom’s getting ready to head back to school. They’re also remodeling the kitchen.  I can’t wait to see it! My sister’s doing awesome (best.sister.ever) in SLC with MT, T, and the new puppy Osi.

DK turned 12 and has spent the last month visiting Han’s folks. She’s up in Washington now and loving it. Han’s sister took some photos of her after doing her make-up and she looks 16. It’s pretty crazy. But she was really able to capture her personality. She’ll start 7th grade at a performing arts school in September. I hope she excels.

Do check out the flicks link and the flickr stuff. Both have been recently updated!

So much for a short post! I’ll wrap it up for now. Until next time!!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mia says:

    I’m so happy to hear from you. I have missed your posts. I know what you mean about writing. It shouldn’t be that difficult or take that long but sometimes I choose to do other things rather than write. I wonder why it is like that?
    Sorry you missed Las Vegas but it’s better to get well.
    I wish you all the luck with your health/weight job. I like the idea of a health coach. Do you meet her/him as well?
    We don’t have anything like that here. I too should do something but right now isn’t the right time in my life.
    Good luck and I hope you achieve your goals.
    Hugs and kisses from Aunt Mia 🙂

  2. redred says:

    A health coach? That sounds pretty cool! Good luck with your goals. You’ve always been an achiever, so I’m sure you will succeed!

    love you!

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