welcome to September…

…and a heat wave, Los Angeles on fire, pinky toe bone healing, school doors yawning open to accept summer-worn kids, recession, Chula Vista Park View Little League (Han’s childhood team) winning the Little League World Series, morning fog on the coast, waiting for state funding to fix my truck so it will pass its smog test, misconceptions righted, new wildflowers to look at because of a turn of a calendar page, looking ahead to the holidays, thinking of B in Austin, thinking of Lo nearby, successful trips for Han’s Acoustic Duo, upcoming work trip for me to Colorado, making dinners with DK, reading, relaxing, working with a health coach, reducing my Coca-Cola intake, seeing an old friend, getting a postcard from another one, becoming more okay with facebook, thinking of big dreams and small details, dreaming of a vacation, work, play, laugh, live.


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