tropical depression

It’s a funny term, I think.  It describes weather and yet, it’s a bit how I’m feeling tonight.  And while I was going to write about that, just writing this got me thinking…why are tropical storms and hurricanes given regular names, like expecting parents agonizing over what to name their newborn?

Did you know that the really bad hurricanes have their names retired for at least 10 years?  No more Katrina, or Rita, or Agnes, Carol or Stan.  And why were the hurricanes, until 1979, always named after women?  In 2005, there were more storms than there were designated names so they resorted to using the Greek alphabet for the last 6 storms that year.

I will give them credit for using names with international flair: Gustav, Paloma, Sebastien, Olga.

Right now, it’s Hurricane Jimena (downgraded to mere tropical storm) that’s wreaking havoc with our San Diego weather.  On the coast, now at 10 past 10 in the evening, it’s still almost 80 degrees and muggy.  If you can be still and sit in front of a fan, you should be fine.

I’m ready for crisp mornings and clear skies, light, breezy evenings that soothe my stirred up mind.

I have days when I wonder if there will ever be a lift, if I will ever not be worried about something, if I will figure out a way to get ahead of things.

I hope that, like Jimena, these thoughts will blow through, leaving my mind more clear and willing to peek out from its wind-torn shelter.


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  1. mamacita says:

    There was a minor hurricane a while back named Fefa which was my nickname during my dating years, I always wondered if an ex boyfriend became a scientist and named it after me lol
    BTW everything has a silver lining, look for the shiny side of life.

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