haunted # 5 & # 6 – tattoo and a song

# 5

I have a tattoo.


It’s a feather pen & ink-pot that was drawn for me by a friend in college. I got the ink during a spring break trip to Seattle with 4 of my closest friends at the time, though I can’t remember if it was my junior or sophomore year. All but one of us got tattoos that day, different designs, though I believe we got them all in the same location on our bodies. I’ve never regretted getting my tattoo. It is a symbol of who I’ve always been, who I always will be, in some ethereal way or other, even if it’s a state of mind. They say that once you get one, it won’t be long until you get others. That was true for the other 2 girls who went on to get more ink, though I’m not sure about the guy. As for me, I never really thought about getting another one. I had a design in mind, but it wasn’t as compelling to me.

I’ve been reconsidering that lately after two things happened.

First: I got a comment on an old post from February, 2008. The commenter was very nice and had been captivated, so to speak, by not only the passage from Divisadero that I posted, but also the last lines of the poem I’d posted to go with it. Fittingly enough for this post, the poem is called ‘to a ghost.’ In the passage from the book, the last line is: “So we fall in love with ghosts.” And the last lines of my poem are: “let us stand together/each with skin/harboring our ghosts.” The comment (thanks, Julie!) was just great, one of those kinds of comments every blogger wants, where you realize that something you’ve written has connected with someone out there. Someone you don’t know and probably never will outside of the words that have been shared. She wrote: “I stumbled across your blog and instantly my brain went ! when I saw the quote you posted from Divisadero. It’s one of my all time favorite passages from a novel-so much so that I have ‘So we fall in love with ghosts.’ tattooed on me.
Anyway, I just wanted to say that your poem is incredible and I’ve had the last three lines running through my mind since I’ve read it, as I often think about people as ghosts and the ways in which we haunt each other.” Wow, right?

So I was intrigued by the idea of actually having a tattoo that was words. I’m sure that sounds dumb, people get words tattooed all the time, but I usually just think of people’s names or gang affiliations.

Second: Then I saw these two posts from Molly (one, two). And I was blown away. What an amazing idea! I immediately started thinking of the possibility of adding words to my body. And though I’m thoroughly intrigued by the layering effect that Molly’s tattoo has, I think I’d want to be able to read the words, and have others be able to read the words should it be visible to them.

This idea will not see fruition for a while for several reasons, but the primary one being that I really need to know what I want to be inked on my skin permanently. There are candidates, of course, already but I think it will be a fun thing to think about for a while.



The Ghost in You
written by: John Ashton, Richard Butler, Tim Butler
originally performed by: The Psychedelic Furs

a man in my shoes runs a light and
all the papers lied tonight but
falling over you is the news of the day

angels fall like rain
and love is all of heaven away

inside you the time moves and she don’t fade
the ghost in you she don’t fade
inside you the time moves and she don’t fade

a race is on, I’m on your side and
hearing you my engines die
i’m in a mood for you for running away

stars come down in you
and love…you can’t give it away

inside you the time moves and she don’t fade
the ghost in you she don’t fade
inside you the time moves and she don’t fade

don’t you go it makes no sense when
all your talking supermen just
take away the time and get in the way

ain’t it just like rain
and love…is only heaven away

inside you the time moves and she don’t fade
the ghost in you she don’t fade
inside you the time moves and she don’t fade

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