NaPoWriMo # 1 & # 2

what I’m doing

prompt # 2: write a poem inspired by the acronym RWP

Catching Up

I woke to the sound of rain
and didn’t know where I was

last night, I slept through three alarms
though their different tones
slipped in and out of my thoughts

my rhythm’s off

I blame it on the time change
my recent trip to Texas
depth of my sleep
my blank dreams

maybe tonight, writing poems
will act like a lullaby
bring back a sense of measure


prompt # 1 : construct a poem using the first five song titles that come up when you shuffle your iPod

for B

her relationship has ended
she readjusts her sunglasses to obscure
her tear-stained eye

desire wanes and flares
in ways she can’t decipher

the long way around a broken heart
makes her recall the red clay trail
at her grandmother’s house that led to the river
she’d always get dirty but
she knew she’d always get clean

maybe the occasional honky tonk man
will help soften the edges, too

she used to imagine the life she might have without him
now she’s living it the best she can

the songs:
The Long Way Around – Dixie Chicks
Tear Stained Eye – Son Volt
Desire –U2
Imagine – John Lennon
Honky Tonk Man – Hank Williams


One Comment Add yours

  1. i like your poem #2. rain, rhythm, and writing poetry — nice. i, too, hope for the regularity of the discipline of writing, that “sense of measure.” (surfed in from readwritepoem)

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