NaPoWriMo # 6

the prompt: be inspired by  an image or series of images

Another Poem for Jane

poet at work
hair graying
in graceful swaths
glasses perched on nose
hands on typewriter

before illness
in love

sweet Jane
you cupped
one side
of your face
in your hand
as you posed

I didn’t
until now
but I do
the same thing


4 Comments Add yours

  1. ah, she was beautiful! you nailed it on her beautiful hair.

  2. Rallentanda says:

    A moving poem.She was a beauty.

  3. Dufflyn says:

    That was lovely Lizzie. I just came out of meditation and saw your post. How wonderful to be greeted by her endless eyes. So nice to hear your voice again. (typewriter!)

    I’m working on a memoir and I post excerpts at my blog along with writing exercises. ( )

    I’ll try the image one you suggested tonight!

    Thank you

  4. Sandy says:

    More poems, please.

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