this kind of fire

I would not consider myself a Charles Bukowski fan. I feel like I know about him, his work, his life as much as I care to, but sometimes I see one of his poems that surprises me.  This one fits that bill.

This Kind of Fire
– Charles Bukowski

sometimes I think the gods
deliberately keep pushing me
into the fire
just to hear me
a few good

they just aren’t going to
let me retire
silk scarf about neck
giving lectures at

the gods need me to
entertain them.

they must be terribly
bored with all
the others

and I am too.

and now my cigarette lighter
has gone dry.
I sit here
flicking it.

this kind of fire
they can’t give

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  1. Dufflyn says:

    In college this kid Stuart who called himself “Jonathan Fire-eater” used to sing a song about “just the right kind of fire,” I don’t remember all the lyrics but I certainly relate. You sure know where to find the goods Lizzie Wann. Keep it comin’!

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