politics & baseball

The Giants did it!  They beat the Texas Rangers last night to be the World Series Champions!  It’s completely amazing!  We will see Flan on Saturday night for a gig and get to hear all about it.  I’m so thrilled!

Today was election day. I vote absentee so I was done last week.  Like most everyone else, I’m sick of all the ads so I’m glad it’s over.  And I look forward to the new governor in California (bye Arnold!) and to see how Obama does with a Republican house.  I saw Jimmy Carter on the Bill Maher show the other day, and one of the things he said was really encouraging: “Obama and the country might be even better off in the next two years. Because, at the least the Republicans will have one entity of government – that is the House of Representatives – for which they will be responsible to the American people, so they can’t be totally irresponsible the next two years, as they have been the first two years.”  Go Jimmy!

There are other good things from the election: Christine O’Donnell defeated, Barbara Boxer over Carly Fiorina.  It’s a bummer that Prop 19 didn’t pass (didn’t even come close) here in California, but the fact that it was on the ballot is a good step.

So onward, Americans.  Keep your chin up, there’s only 107 days until catchers & pitchers report to spring training 🙂


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