at the same stoplight every day
a flock of birds performs
their aerial maneuvers
swooping & diving
flying west, then north, back west
south & east

the synchronized flapping
of their wings is hypnotizing
but not as much as when
they catch the wind
and just glide
the sudden silence they create
floats behind them
like the most peaceful wake
you’ve ever known

I sometimes like to pretend
that each jerky formation –
which changes within seconds
as the birds somehow make
their way in these patterns –
is the shape of a letter
and that the birds are trying
to tell me something

I can never make out the letters
or even what kind of birds they are
I just know I love to watch them
at play in the sky

-Lizzie Wann


2 Comments Add yours

  1. mamacita says:

    How lovely!

  2. Sandy says:

    I like this one! It reminded me of a HUGE flock of birds that I saw way up high in the sky one afternoon about a month ago. I think they were seagulls; all I could see what white with some black tips on the wings. They moved together, forming a circle. It was a miracle how they all moved together. I actually had to pull over and look at them for a few minutes. It was the coolest bird thing I’ve ever seen. You’re beautiful words exactly sum up how I felt about my bird experience!

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