Thanksgiving Eve

The weekend with the parents went well.  On Saturday, we had lunch at The Fish Market.  I liked what I got, but it was a bit of overkill on all the fried stuff.  Live & learn. I did insist that they tell the waiter it was my birthday, so they came & sang and delivered a delicious little cake.  I had to share it with everyone because it was so rich.  From there, Han took DK to her friend’s birthday party, so Mom, Dad & I went to Extraordinary Desserts and drove around Little Italy.   Then we came home and basically just sat around watching the Food Network.  They left around 4 pm or so to go to their hotel.

That evening, an Acoustic Duo gig fell through, so Han & I had the evening to ourselves, which was actually a pleasant surprise and a welcome relief.  We’ve been busy!

On Sunday, Mom & Dad came over again.  We watched more Food Network and chatted, then went to Eddie’s Place for lunch. Boy, cheese steaks are filling!  Then we went back home for more lounging, and they left around 4 pm again.

That evening, Rock Band was performing at House of Blues with 13 other local San Diego artists.  The show was broadcast live on KPRI from 8-10 pm.  Rock Band was on at 9 pm so they had a prime spot.  And they rocked those people!  There were 850 people there, so says the hostess, so it was a good night. Everyone was really on.  I had quite a good time and was thrilled with the reaction everyone had.

Monday morning, back to work.  All weekend it was cold & rainy and it pretty much stayed that way.  After work, I did the grocery shopping while Han & DK were out doing clothes shopping for her.  I had to work on my TA class, so they brought home Vallarta Express, yummy Mexican food.

Yesterday was another busy day at work and here at home.  Han is working with different clients, DK was a friend’s house. I still had grading to do. We ended up having Swedish Meatballs (somewhat homemade, but with a sauce packet), which were good, watched some TV, and suddenly it was 10 pm!  Typical.

Today at work, a girl brought in her homemade pumpkin cheesecake and it was divine!  Most everyone took off at noon, but I stayed ’til 2 pm.  Then I took advantage of my extra couple hours to look for something nice to wear to our holiday party and/or in Las Vegas the week after, but to no avail 😦  But I came home and finished my grading and started some laundry.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I plan to wake up and watch the parade.  I’m thankful for my family, and am glad they’re all healthy and happy.  I’m thankful for Han and DK.  They round out my life and have given me many things that I thought I might never have.  I’m thankful for my friends, far & wide, many of whom I haven’t spoken to in a while, but I know that we could fall into conversation and a bottle of wine with ease.  That’s a precious thing knowing that’s out there.  I’m thankful that I’m here.

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