Thanksgiving was good.  I got up and watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  I like watching the Broadway musical numbers as they’re waiting for the parade to get to the Macy’s entrance on 34th St.  It’s corny and hokey, but I still enjoy it. 

After that, Han made his green bean casserole and a corn casserole that we’d had at Cathryn’s a week or so ago, and we headed to his aunt Frankie’s.  When we arrived, she let us know that their plumbing had just gone out. 😦  But it was fine.   We had a feast!  My family has never been a very traditional Thanksgiving group, so I was rarely exposed to some of the more expected foods found at Thanksgiving, but yesterday, I enjoyed sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, turkey & gravy , mashed potatoes & salad.  I was stuffed.  Here’s the table before we got to it:

We watched football and chatted after we ate.  There were some conversations to be had around grandpa’s estate.  We stayed ’til about 6 pm or so, then we took DK to her mom’s and came home.  Han & I watched TV and around 8 pm, we had leftovers 🙂

I had today off work, so I went to get an oil change.  I did some writing at a coffeehouse while I waited which felt great.  After I came home, I’ve basically done nothing!  I folded towels, watched a show on the DVR, updated Facebook and now this.  Nice & mellow.

Tonight, it’s back to music season with 2 shows at Anthology.  Then this weekend, theres’s a show both Saturday & Sunday.  They should all be fun.  Until later!

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