a look back

I’ve been feeling really nostalgic the past few days.  Between listening to an MP3 of a radio show that paid tribute to a former local musician who recently died (Stimy) to reading comments on an old Java Joe’s calendar that was posted on Facebook, I’ve been pondering the past, the now, and what will come.

I knew Stimy, but not as well as most.  He was one of the former residents of the LOAM home, which I also called home for a while.  He was close friends with some other friends of mine, and I know they are reeling from the news.  Stimy was only 37, and the cause of death is not known.  He was in several bands here in San Diego in the late 90s (Inch, Congress of the Cow, Sub-Society).  Rest in peace, kind soul.

Wendy (of Wendy’s open mic) posted an old calendar from July 1997.  Who played that month? Lisa Sanders, Dave Howard & Jeff Berkley, Loam, Cindy Lee Berryhill, Gregory Page, Randi Driscoll, Steve Poltz, John Katchur, and the Hatchet Brothers.  Wow!  Those were the days.  And so many of the same people commented on the photo, about how those days were magical, creatively charged, full of love.  And it’s all true. It was wonderful.

So in that frame of mind, I thought I’d look back at 2010 and share highlights of the year.

January:  Driving back from Seattle with Han.  Though I hate the reason we had to go up there, the drive home at the beginning of the year was a strange kind of bliss.  Getting a feel for how life could be on the road with my guy.  It was beautiful and sad.  I’d love to take the same trip with him when we have time to hit the Oregon coast rather than splitting the center of the state.

February: Poltz’s 50th birthday show at the Belly-Up. Speaking of Java Joe’s, some of the same people I named above were there and it was a great time. 
My parents had their 45th wedding anniversary.
Han & I began hosting dinners with his grandpa and aunt Frankie.  Those were nice times.

March: One word: Austin.  Spent a glorious 5 days there for SXSW with the Rock Band and got to hang out with my great friend, Barbara.  It was awesome.

April: My dad’s 70th birthday in Las Vegas.  I drove out by myself (Han was in TX again) and my sister and her family drove out, too.  We texted as we went along and both got there within 15 minutes of each other.  We went to the buffet, the Tournament of Kings show, went walking down the strip and did a little gambling.  It was a fun trip.
Also that month, this choreographer woman put three of the Acoustic Duo’s songs to original dances performed by her students.  She asked the duo to perform the songs live while the dancers danced. It was amazing and something we’d like to try again this year.

May: Rock Band got 2 of their dream gigs this month.  The first was at Pappy & Harriet’s in Pioneertown, a wondrous Brigadoon in the middle of nowhere.  The second was as the opening act for The Black Crowes at Humphrey’s.  Both gigs were great in different ways, and a nice follow-up from SXSW.

June: For work, we had a retreat at the Hard Rock Hotel downtown.  The digs were nice, the food was great, and I got to hear Bill Walton speak.
Also for work, I got to go to a conference in one of my favorite city’s: Chicago.  I went to the top of the former Sears Tower, ate some great food, walked along the river, and through the city.  Love that place, and the conference was great, too!

July: The highlight of July was being able to tour the Disney Animation Studios.  We saw work they were doing on “Tangled” and the upcoming “Winnie the Pooh.”  It was truly magical.
Another highlight was seeing “Hairspray” at the Lyceum theater and Spain winning the World Cup.

August: Going to Christina’s wedding shower with Mom was a highlight for me in August.  And musically, Acoustic Duo played a great show at the Museum of Making Music and Rock Band had a great set during the North Park Music Thing.

September: Han’s brother’s band came to San Diego from the Seattle area for 2 weeks to record their album.  It was great getting to know James and for Han and his brother to be able to connect through music. 
I got to travel for work again, this time to Iowa!
Another visit from family, this time it was Han’s cousin Jared and his girlfriend.  They were just here for dinner and then they went downtown and got to hear the Rock Band.

October: Staging the 2nd benefit for Eric Lowen was a good memory from this month.  We raised $2000 for him. 
I attended my 20th high school reunion, and though the event itself wasn’t memorable, seeing some old friends definitely was.
Sadly, we lost Grandpa Berkley this month, and although I didn’t witness this, I still think fondly of Han, Frankie and a couple family members in his hospital room with Han playing guitar and all of them singing together to walk him out.

November:  My birthday month! The birthday itself was good, but my memories of this month are the Giants winning the World Series, the beginning of music season, and the awesome Neil Young tribute that Acoustic Duo played.

December: To close out the year, there was a lot of stuff going on.  Cathryn’s tribute show is something I’ll never forget.
My company had another grand holiday party and then I got to go to Las Vegas again for work.  Han went too so there was some play involved as well.
I got back into performing with a reading at a gallery in Escondido that went well.
I attended Grandpa Berkley’s military honors funeral which was very special.
The annual Star of India show was another stunner.
Finally, getting to spend time with all of my immediate family over the holidays was a very good thing.

Here’s to a great 2011!

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  1. Dufflyn says:

    Sorry to hear about your friend. I don’t know if I met Stimy, but seeing the post reminded me of the good times we had back then. Looks like you had a great year Lizzie! Best wishes for 2011


  2. mamacita says:

    I like recaps, especially when they are so through and well written 🙂

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