happy birthday, Sandy!

Today is my sister’s birthday. I spoke to her today and everything is good in her world. She is going on vacation to the Dominican Republic for 2 weeks, so she was getting things together to make sure they had everything.

The greatest thing about my sister is that she’s also my friend. It’s really something that after nearly 40 years of knowing each other, (she was here first), we truly get along. I trust her and feel like I can really be myself around her. In talking with friends, I have found that that kind of relationship is not always the case between siblings, so I treasure the bond we have.  And, honestly, we’ve always been fairly close. I mean, sure, we had our fights when we were growing up, but we always came back around.

There was a great advantage for me having an older sister, because she introduced me to music and to writing, which have become foundations of my life. She taught me how to read, and I became an avid reader. She also gave me the love of sports. I always wanted to be in her good graces, and to emulate her, as much as I may have also tried to establish my own identity. I learned so much from her, many do’s and don’ts. But she was always an ally.

As we’ve gotten older, we are still able to relate to each other and our life experiences, as different as they may be, and that is so valuable to me. So, my dear sister, I hope you had a magnificent birthday. Thank you for being exactly who you are. I love you!



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  1. Sandy says:

    Thanks for the nice words, sis! I’m so proud of you and your general awesomeness. It makes me feel happy to think that I had any part in helping you become the wonderful, loving person you are. My biggest regret in our relationship is that we don’t get to hang out together as much as I’d like. There have been so many times I’ve thought how great it would be if we could catch a movie or go shopping or have a beer in the back yard. Maybe that’s all in front of us. Love you lots!

  2. Mamacita says:

    Awww, it makes a mother’s hearet happy to know her two daughters love each other like you do!
    Love you both mucho tambien!!! 🙂

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