Happy October!

(insert cliches here about the passage of time)

Hello, friends! This is truly the modern age. I’m typing this blog post on my iPhone through the WordPress app while riding in a car. Now I have no excuse not to post, right?

I’m on my way to Pasadena with the Acoustic Duo for a little private showcase that may help them get into some licensing opportunities, but who knows?

The summer was pretty good. I did some traveling. In June, I went to San Francisco for a conference. In August, I did a retreat for work. It was in San Diego, but it was down at the Hard Rock Hotel which was cool. The week after that I went to Denver & Colorado Springs which was awesome.

D went to Washington for about 3 weeks. When she got back, we had a little birthday party for her 14th birthday (wow). Han’s mom & sister were in town, Aunt Frankie came also. My folks were going to come, but unfortunately, my dad became sick.

He had developed peritonitis that put him in the hospital for close to 3 weeks. He’s back home now and working to build up his strength. He had to switch from peritoneal dialysis, which he did himself at home every day, to hemodialysis where he goes to a facility 3 times a week. Mom is there taking good care of him. She’s retired now so she has the time, thank goodness. I’ve gone up there a few times & will go up again next weekend. My sister will be there, along with her husband & son, the weekend of the 20th.

Things at work are pretty hectic with no end in sight, but it’s still good.

I put on a poetry & music show in August that went pretty good. I have a couple friends from Orange County who have recently released new books so I set up a reading for them. I wish more people would have been there, but it was still good.

On a totally random note, I finally saw “Bridesmaids” last night and I have to say it wasn’t as great as I thought it would be. I like Kristen Wiig, but it just wasn’t spectacular.

Okay, that’s enough for now. This typing on the keypad is getting a bit annoying.

Happy October!


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