happy Halloween

I’ve just posted a bunch of my poems on this site. Just click on Poetry from the top navigation. And now something to get you in the mood for Halloween. Enjoy!

One Way Rain

it is the way of the rain
airborn ocean moves in waves
keeps coming
changes course
like tide follows moon
these drops & grey clouds
suggest the season
will witches show themselves
and phantoms slip through crack
for Samhain

I heard voices in the quiet church
I saved myself from thirst
by sucking rain from my hair

like going out in it
soft cotton & clean socks
my paper wet & ink running down the pages

and like coming in out of it
stolen motel towels hang clean
I pretend I’m on the road
empty suitcases on living room floor
strangers argue in the street
new neighbors sleep with old friends
hard luck losers hit a winning streak
pages already full of years
opened after just as long
where words spell out
your loving, his hardness, her tears
my personal kings & queens & other royalty
of the night, the song, the imagination

Leo rising and hands travel texture of my hair
make their wishes on silver & turquoise
drops of pearls fall from curls
twist & smooth themselves into bands
around my fingers

so now you know the animal
and have seen yourself differently
in shadows of moonlight

it is the way of the rain
and night is a jack o’lantern
grinning like a drunken wise man
ready to share his last bottle
and all he knows


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