musical Saturday

This morning was the beginning of music season! I went to the annual Madres breakfast where Flan performed. Han, of course, played with him. It was a good show; they’re still getting their musical bearings together as they start to play. It was a ‘stripped down’ group, as opposed to what it could be, but it was enjoyable.

The show is held at the San Diego Hall of Champions, and they usually serve a great breakfast. Today, though, was rather disappointing. It’s a buffet style and the first thing available? Salad. Say what? Then there was fruit and muffins, okay. Followed by asparagus wrapped in ham with cream cheese to make it stick. Yummy, but weird. Then you had your french toast sticks which were so-so. After that, you have your mashed potatoes and gravy, sliced ham, and hamburger steak in gravy. What? It was totally bizarre. The sad thing was that in the past, they’ve served some of the tastiest bacon I’ve ever eaten, but there was no bacon to be found. 😦

After the show, I ran some errands and am getting ready to clean up the kitchen. Han is having a session which should be over in about 45 minutes. On the agenda tonight? Dinner (steaks) and mellowness. Sounds good to me!


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  1. mama says:

    I remember that bacon!!!!! 🙂

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