11-11-11 plus 1

I had the day off yesterday, which pretty much meant I stayed away from silly things like computers. I did make sausage & biscuits for breakfast. And then made crunchy parmesan chicken for late lunch. Yummy. We had a friend over for a brief visit, then had a client meeting (who also happen to be friends). I did some laundry, and we watched some shows (our DVR has decided to just not record some of the shows we have set up to record-irritating).

Then, it was time for the evening events. First stop was downtown San Diego, Hard Rock Cafe, for an appreciation event for our dear friend, Cathryn. Han was the first one on so it was a tough crowd. The area in front of the stage was packed with what looked like high school students visiting San Diego, complete with the waitress yelling out the specials as Han is singing. I don’t know how he managed to pull off a good performance with this woman yelling, “MUSHROOM BURGER!” right in front of him, but he did. Then we had to rush away to La Jolla to attend Eve Selis’s CD release show. The Acoustic Duo were special guests and it was a very good time.

This morning, Han left town again for a few more shows with Flan, tonight in Fresno, then tomorrow and Monday in SF. I also left town, came up here to my folks’ house. Went through some stuff in the garage, then went to pick up Dad at dialysis, then me & Mom went out to dinner at Cha-Cha’s. I stuffed myself and it was good! It was an early birthday dinner (1 week to go!) Then we came back to the house and I began to doze in the chair so I decided to get myself up and update this thing!

That’s all for now. Pretty basic “here’s what I did today” stuff but at least it’s something!


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