creatures are stirring

When I got back to San Diego from La Mirada, where I’d spent the Thanksgiving holiday with my parents, Han told me he hadn’t had a chance to get them yet.


Actually, at that point, it was just mouse. But then, that night while he was out at a rehearsal, I saw 2 of them. They ran out from under this butcher block type table that is between the kitchen and the entry way, and then they ran back under it. Later I saw them come out again and run to another spot in the entryway, then one went behind the bookcase in my office.

The next day Han went & got traps. He had also seen one of them on the kitchen counter, and it ran behind the stove. My mom had told me they like peanut butter with birdseed. We didn’t have any bird seed so he loaded them with peanut butter. He put out 4 traps. And we’re talking the break-their-necks-kill-’em-dead kind of traps. Monday night, Han had rehearsal at the house, and I was in the living room with my feet off the ground.

I periodically went into the kitchen because I could hear it. At one point, I went in there and the trap was still there, but the peanut butter was completely gone. Little bastard. So then Han put a bit of cheese on the trap. I did the same thing, periodically going into the kitchen. Another time, I was walking more quietly, I guess, because I saw that little f’in’ mouse sitting just outside from the back of the stove eating cheese! When it heard me, it dropped the cheese on the counter, and skittered away. I was dumbfounded. Later that evening, though, I heard the unmistakable SNAP of the trap. I didn’t look long, but I peeked at it and yep, we’d got it.

The next day while I was at work, Han texted me that another one was down (at the trap by my bookcase). Good. We decided to keep the traps out just in case. That night, another one went down (kitchen counter again). We decided that if we saw another one, we’d make a call to a pest control place. So last night as I was making dinner, Han came over and stood next to me, but at this really weird angle. Before I could ask him what he was doing, I looked down, and saw another little f’in mouse come out from under the fridge. We put a trap there, but now 2 pieces of cheese later, still no mouse and the trap hasn’t been set. How do they do that? Those damn traps are sensitive.

So I called Truly Nolen today and they’re coming out to do a free inspection tomorrow. I have a feeling it will be expensive, but they skeeve me out so much, we have to do it.

You should know: we don’t leave food out. The house gets cleaned regularly. I hate this feeling of invasion, feeling paranoid about every little noise I hear. Just yuck.

Right after I wrote that sentence, I looked down and saw another one (or maybe the same one from the kitchen?) along the wall by desk (where my bookcase is). That trap we have set there isn’t springing. There’s no cheese on it anymore, but it must have some cheese juice or something because it’s spending some time on and around the trap. Maybe it’s not heavy enough to spring it? It looks small. It could be, and you must know how much I hate to type this, a baby. I don’t care. I want that trap to spring!

In other news, we’re recording our annual holiday songs/poems tonight which is good. And it’s December. How did that happen?

My 40th birthday was a great day. The day before at work was not so great. Nobody remembered or knew it was my birthday until our boss announced all November birthdays at a department meeting. I thought my employees might feel bad and bring me a card or something on Monday, but no. I’m still a little upset by that. But the day itself, Saturday the 19th, was great. I slept in, Han went to get us coffee, then we watched something we had recorded. Then he made this great brunch of scrambled eggs w/ parmesan, cinnamon rolls, potatoes, waffles, and bacon. I think we watched something else then. Later, Han took a nap, and I wrote the rest of my 40×40 list (last blog post). I don’t think I changed out of my pajamas ’til it was time to go to the gig. Han was playing a house concert gig with Flan and it was the last show of this house concert’s entire series. The hosts are hanging up their hosting hats. It was great, because I hung out in the ‘green room’ all night, chatted with Barbara, and drank wine. They made me a cake that they gave me at the intermission. It was all good.

And it’s set to get better. On the 11th, there will be a party with my talented friends performing my work. Han said they could read one of my poems, put on to music, or write something inspired by something I wrote. I expect it to be pretty cool, even if only one person does something. I’m looking forward to that. But before then, I’m off to Palm Springs on Monday for my annual work conference, then the Acoustic Duo is doing a holiday show, then there’s another Flan show. Busy December!

Death to mice!


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  1. mama says:

    Mice are talented at grabbing the bait without getting caught, so don’t think that a slice of cheese is going to work. If you’re using globs of peanut butter as bait, try a different tack: Spread the peanut butter *super* thin on the trigger mechanism. The mice will still go for the bait, but they’ll have to get in close to lick it up –> snap.

    Works every time.

    Good luck!

  2. Sandy says:

    I’ve found that D-Con works well.

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