2011 redux

A quick summary of what I did or what happened in 2011:

poetry feature at the Space Bar in La Mesa
Mike Spurgat’s farewell concert (and the basic end of Rock Band)

Han & I open up for Whirlwind Company (Mindy Nettifee, Jon Sands, Brian Ellis, and Mighty Mike McGee)
purchase of our Tuff Shed
see Sarah Lee Guthrie (Woody’s granddaughter) & Johnny Irion at Oasis

D in her debut solo performance at House of Blues
vacation in Cayucos, CA

published in ‘Don’t Blame the Ugly Mug: An Anthology’ and attend the publishing party at the Ugly Mug in Orange, CA
Sandy visits (LM)
Mia visits (LM)
see Eric Taylor at Oasis

death of John Kuhlken
buy the Dodge Avenger (aka Ginger)

work conference in San Francisco, hang out with Laurel
Mom retires

CD release shows for Acoustic Duo

Live Out Loud poetry & music show at Oasis with myself, Daniel McGinn, Paul Suntup, Han, Stevie Harris & Josh Damigo
work retreat at Hard Rock Hotel San Diego
work trip to Colorado
Han’s mom & sister visit (Balboa Park, Sea World, D’s birthday party)

take the train to Santa Barbara for an Acoustic Duo show
attend Daniel McGinn’s book release show at Beyond Baroque in Venice CA
see Ray Lamontagne at Copley Symphony Hall

attend SD Troubadour’s 10th anniversary show
Sandy visits (LM)

music season begins
turn 40
Ben & Sue’s wedding

work conference in Palm Springs
birthday party
Star of India show
buy Hyundai Elantra (aka Lana)

The happening that doesn’t really have a place to note was that I traveled up to La Mirada about twice a month on average since the end of August when my dad went into the hospital the first time.  He started doing peritoneal dialysis, but developed an infection (peritonitis) that was very severe. After that was cleared up, unbeknownst to us, he developed an abscess in his abdomen and he went into the hospital again. Now that’s gone, and he’s doing better, but he still requires dialysis 3 times a week, for approximately 4 hours each time. My mom has become his full-time caregiver, so it’s actually probably good that she retired. My dad’s illness has been a big part of this year, and like I said, doesn’t really have a place in the above list. I’m happy that he’s doing better now, after what was a very scary and extremely emotional time from the end of August to November.

Tonight, we’ll feast on steak & lobster at Cathryn’s and hang out with 3 other couples. D’s going vegan in 2012 so I’ll learn some new recipes! I’ll try to write in the next couple days with some of my resolutions for the new year. Have a safe & happy time!


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  1. mama says:

    Nice recap of 2011….Happy New Year 🙂

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