2012 is here!

Last night was very fun. It was a small group of 5 couples (me & Han, Cathryn & Jonny, Tony & Marcia, Paulette & Rob, and Matt & Joey). I chuckled to myself occasionally because, thankfully, our friends act our age. And by that I mean, we cooked amazing food, we chatted, we played games, they played a little music, we had drinks, but no one got wasted. Our conversations were about eating better and the scandal at Penn State (among other things). It wasn’t about getting dressed up (though Marcia, Joey & I opted for the ‘party up top, comfy on bottom’ philosophy and wore nice tops with pajama bottoms), getting wasted, and hooking up. It was about good friends celebrating with each other and enjoying each others’ company. Beautiful.

After we ate our feast of steak, lobster, 2 kinds of potatoes, and lobster bisque (oh.my.god.), we all were tired and full. But we powered through to midnight, complete with champagne & kisses. Han & I came home, but the others stayed over at Cathryn’s. My desserts were received well, although the cheesecake bars seemed to be better for breakfast this morning! I made pecan pie (my dad’s recipe) and cheesecake bars. I also did some sweet & spicy walnuts & pecans (not pictured).


Today has been a good day. Slept in a bit, finished my book (first one on the Kindle), watched some TV with Han, did some laundry, cleaned the kitchen, made the shopping list, went shopping, made dinner. It’s pretty ordinary stuff, but it was leisurely with no rush. Nice. And the best part? I have tomorrow off!

In lieu of posting any resolutions, because I haven’t resolved anything yet, I’m posting this image that is making its way around Facebook. It’s Woody Guthrie’s list of ‘rulins’ for 1942. I think it’s brilliant, and I’ve been reading it a lot. Enjoy!


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