Opening Day

Okay, so it’s not a new poem, but it has to be done. Padres lost their home opener to the dastardly Dodgers, but baseball is back, and it was a joy to turn on the radio on the drive home to hear the Padres broadcasters telling the good news.

Opening Day

this is about baseball
it’s about cold beer & green grass
new bats & tailgate parties
it’s about common ground
between fathers & sons
who forge a relationship
with batting averages, RBI,
& Cy Young award winners
it’s an American obsession
it’s summertime
it’s Padres pride
it’s opening day

an epidemic sweeps through
corporate America
suits & ties in big office chairs
trade it in for choice seats
off the third base line
for peanuts…and hot dogs…
in the hot sun

this is about the church of baseball
where the proper prayers and
incantations can swell and
make us all believers
in a perfect bunt
a shot out of the park
(“somethin’ goin’ that fast oughta have a stewardess on it, don’cha think?”)
the double play to end the inning

“it’s a simple game” yet one
that evokes a poetic beauty
it’s the dirt, the clean white chalk,
every blade of grass,
soft leather of your favorite glove,
riding your bike to the diamond
where dreams can be true
in summer days & nights
where you pray not to suffer
the fate of the mighty mighty Casey
or the sad reality of a rainout

it’s an infectious joy from my sister to me
it’s opening day &
I believe in the church of baseball


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sandy says:

    Church of baseball!! Gotta watch “Bull Durham” soon!

  2. mama says:

    a classic 🙂

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