go fourth

I’m ending the day by listening to X’s “Fourth of July.” John Doe is kind of a genius.

My holiday was pretty atypical, I think. I spent the morning and into the afternoon watching Wimbledon. I also watched a random movie called “Toast.” Strangely, part of it took place in Wolverhampton which is where Han was playing tonight! It was a good movie and apparently based on the true story of Nigel Slater. Around 1 pm, I went to the store after finally deciding what to make for myself (breaded pork). The first store I went to, a little meat market with a great sandwich deli, was packed, and I found everything too expensive. That’s always true, but I usually only go for sandwiches. So I left and went to a neighborhood supermarket. On the way, I heard from Han who asked me to call him when I got home. It was great to hear his voice. They’re trying to figure out some stuff for their house concert on Friday. The very nice hosts surprised them and bought two hotel rooms for the weekend in London! So nice of them! But I had already told them that they only needed to stay on Friday. So Han needed to get some more information from me. I don’t think they’ve decided what to do.

After that, I ate lunch and watched TV, then I got to cleaning my office space. Over time, it had just become a cluttered mess and it was driving me crazy! I have to say it looks so much better now! I also watched “Water for Elephants.” I’ve read the book twice and loved it. I thought it was well done. Reese Witherspoon is so pretty. And I liked Robert Pattinson. Thankfully, I don’t have any knowledge of him other than as Cedric from Harry Potter. I never saw any of those Twilight movies.

Then, it was time to make dinner. I should mention that I have some neighbors across the street who were having a big party, including a live band. But you know, it was overcast all day long. The sun never broke through. It felt the same at 8 am as it did at 6 pm. I never felt the holiday spirit. Plus I hate the sound of fireworks. The neighbors set off a few of their own, too. It made me glad I didn’t have a pet. 4th of July is the worst holiday for pets.

Anyway, so I’ve just watching TV. Dinner was good, and I have lunch for tomorrow. Around 9:45 pm, I walked outside and saw a few of the fireworks from Sea World. I guess there was some big mishap with the fireworks in the big bay. Maybe I’ll see it on the news tomorrow.

Overall, it was a productive yet pleasant day to myself. Gotta get pysched up for work tomorrow. So much to do!


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  1. mama says:

    That was quite a fireworks explosion eh? 🙂

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