Rockies to the Redwoods part 1

Before I get into a post about my epic vacation, I will briefly recap what went on over the summer (besides my not blogging). As you know, Han went to the UK with the Acoustic Duo and it was a smashing success. They would like to go back again next summer, and maybe then I’ll get to go along ūüôā DK was in a production of “Footloose” at JT. The Olympics! So awesome. At work, it was a very busy time including launching a ¬†national advertising campaign. Work was demanding, hectic, and time-consuming. In August, we did 2 days at Disneyland for DK’s 15th birthday. Han’s sister and nephew also came down. We had a good time. Staying at a hotel that offers a free shuttle to and from the park is key.

On the Disneyland Express
Splash Mountain with Anthony, DK, Joy, & Han
me & Han in a classic setting

After Disneyland, DK went to Washington with her aunt & nephew. There were gigs. I went to Utah for a week to help my sister out as she recovered from knee replacement surgery. Yikes, right? I got there during her 3rd week of recovery so she was doing better, and while I was able to help her somewhat, the best part of the week was just being able to hang with my awesome sister. It had literally been years since we’d had an opportunity to just hang out just the two of us. MT & T were there, but T had started school and MT had to work so we had the whole day to just hang. We talked, watched TV (lots of movies & tennis), and just hung out. I know I’ve said that a few times, but that’s what it was. It was very emotional when I had to leave. I love you, Sandy!

Then it was September and all hands were on deck to get ready for the Acoustic Duo’s big show, “O Berkley, Where Hart Thou?” It was our 5th production of the show and it was being held at a real theater as the first show of their season (Poway Center for the Performing Arts). It went off splendidly. It was sold out (850 people) and all the performances were absolutely stellar. One of the highlights was that the actor John C. Reilly was one of the performers. He was very nice! Here are just a few photos.

Han & DK – she sang “Come to Jesus” by Mindy Smith

Gregory Page, John C. Reilly, and Tom Brosseau

Lindsay White sang “I Am Weary”

Steve Poltz did a bluegrass version of “Hitchhiker Joe”

getting thanks from BH

The entire cast in the finale