a day off – thanks, vets!

I enjoyed a nice day off today. Han had his first rehearsal for music season. I stayed home, watched movies (Almost Famous, the end of Bull Durham, and Cape Fear), paid some bills, and just relaxed.

The weather has been chilly and breezy. It’s made my allergies very prevalent so I have also been fighting sinus headaches the past few days.

Around 4 pm, Han came home and I went with him to pick up D. From there, we went down to National City to get Han the makings for a new djembe strap. Then we took D to various stores to look for a dress for her homecoming dance this Friday. She found one at Kohl’s. Love Kohl’s. Then we went to have dinner in our old neighborhood at Ponce’s. I had carnitas and they were downright tasty. Then we dropped D back off at her mom’s and came home. Now Han is in the studio with Cathryn to record their weekly radio show.

While we were in one of the stores with Dakota, I made a remark about how I had once been stylish, but then I gave up. When I said that, I meant because it’s expensive to buy clothes a lot and also because I dislike shopping. But I realized that there was another way it could have been taken, like I had given up on looking nice or presentable. I haven’t, but in that instance, I was wearing a t-shirt, jeans, and my Birkenstocks. Not a fashion plate. It kind of bummed me out in one of those time-of-the-month irrational girl ways. I did feel particularly frumpy all day. And next week’s my birthday. I’m not feeling at the top of my game you might say. But I’ll figure it out.

On another note, thanks to all the military folks who have served (like my dad!), are serving, or will serve. It’s not an easy thing to do, and I am grateful for your service.

Finally a side note to Mia: Swedenborg is named after Emanuel Swedenborg who was indeed Swedish. There’s a small branch of folks who follow his writings and attend the Swedenborgian Church. The hall that we rented out for the show is attached to the church. 🙂


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  1. Mia says:

    Thank you for the explanation. I do know about Swedenborg and that’s maybe why I reacted 🙂
    Nice to know there is a bit of Sweden there 😉
    Have a good day! On Friday I’m going on a H.E.A.T concert – their first where they headline and have supporting bands. They were in Gothenburg last weekend and this weekend in Stockholm. I’m really looking forward to this 🙂

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