Sleeping in

Today I slept in until almost 10:30. That almost never happens! It felt good. But it set a tone for the day. I was pretty much a slug all day. But Mom made waffles & that was a nice start.

A home nurse came to the house because there have been some minor issues with my dad’s colostomy. After he was gone it was nearly 1:30. The 3 of us went to lunch at El Maguey, a small Mexican place that my mom & I tried out a few weeks ago & have come to really like. I had shrimp enchiladas that were very good.

After that we came back to the house and lounged, each of us dozing at different times. Mom & I made brownies. I played with Lulu. We had dinner around 7:30 (leftovers from yesterday) and Dad & I watched TV. I had no idea there modern shows about gold-mining!

Tomorrow I’ll take Dad to dialysis & pick him up then head home to SD.


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