Monday back to work

It wasn’t the first thing I wanted to do when I got up this morning, but I still went to work today. And I was pretty productive. As my sister says, I feel like I earned the money from the company today (or something like that).

So now (and even before now), all talk, it seems, has turned to Christmas. While I enjoy being with family, the holiday produces small levels of anxiety, mostly society-based, that eat at me. I will do my best to keep the stress at bay.

I’ll tell you about the podcast. My friend, Ed Decker, is a writer and Han contacted him about doing a podcast. It started up a couple months ago. It’s called Sordid Tales: The Podcast. Ed’s column that he writes for CityBeat is called Sordid Tales. We’ve done 3 episodes, but haven’t advertised them because there’s still some logistical stuff being worked out. My part is as “Ombudsman.” Basically, anytime Ed or any of the co-hosts bring something up, I do some fact-checking and call them on it or provide more information. It totally fits me to a T. The first episode was just the pilot without any guests. Ed just talked to his other co-hosts. Han is the producer so also chimes in with the conversation. That first episode, I just hollered over Han (he & I sit in the control room while the others are out in the main studio). The 2nd episode (with guest Mojo Nixon), my computer crapped out with one of my first Google searches (hit a virus) and there were also some technical difficulties so I didn’t participate much. But last night we recorded the 3rd episode (with guest Steve Poltz). I had my own mic and it was super fun! I’ll warn you now (all 4 of you!), the show is titled Sordid Tales for a reason. This show is blue. I mean it’s filthy in some parts. It’s a podcast, so language is not regulated nor is subject matter. My goodness. So fair warning! I’ll post something here when it’s shareable.

D is usually with us on Mondays, but she’s not here tonight. I’m not sure why. Han has been in the studio since I got home, and I haven’t had a chance to talk to him. So the dinner plan went out the window, and I figured I’d write (earlier than usual!) and try to get some tasks done. Until tomorrow!


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  1. Sandy says:

    I say, “The company got it’s money worth today!” 🙂

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