Last day of November

Before I get myself to bed, one last post to round out NaBloPoMo.

Today, my work team went bowling. It was raining & gloomy. When I arrived, teams had been pre-assigned. I liked my team. After some below average food from North County Tavern & Bowl (sliders on buns that were sweet), bowling commenced.

There was a chance for prizes if you got a strike on a set-up that had a colored pin. I resigned myself to not getting a prize, because I’m not much of a bowler really. But for some reason, I wanted to have fun, at least with the bowling part.

The first game was pretty bad. I bowled 87, I think, and I did get a strike, but no colored pin.

The second game was going okay, nothing spectacular. My teammates were awesome though, we cheered on each other, and we each racked up some good spares. Then came the 7th frame. Colored pin. STRIKE! I was so happy! I went to claim my prize, but they had all been distributed so I’ll get it on Monday. Went back to my lane. There were 6 people on each team so it took a while to come around to me again. 8th frame. Another colored pin. STRIKE!! I made sure it was noted that I should receive 2 prizes! 9th frame. STRIKE!!! That’s a turkey! (I learned that somewhere along the way that 3 strikes in a row is called a turkey. Weird.) Then 10th frame. STRIKE!!!! Oh my goodness, 4 in a row! My final score wax 147. Easily the best I’ve ever bowled. It was awesome! We hope on Monday to get a prize for best game by a team because we were all on fire! And I secretly hope to get a prize for most strikes in a row. I mean, come on!

After bowling, I headed north. It was raining for about an hour & a half, then it was 5 pm & it was pure OC/LA traffic. I got to the house at 6 pm.

Mom made delicious meatballs with mashed potatoes. I played with Lulu. Dad & I were watching the UCLA/Stanford game & switching back & forth with Undercover Boss. Then, my dear friend, Laurel, called and I’m so happy I answered! We ended up talking for close to two hours catching up on everything that’s been going on since the last time we had a chance to talk in depth, which was, sadly, June 2011! Time really does fly. It was so good to talk with her. Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to see her soon.

Tomorrow, I’ll take Dad to dialysis, Mom & I will go to lunch. Hopefully in there somewhere I’ll prep for my reading on Sunday.

Sorry I missed a couple days. It really wasn’t that tough to write a little something every day. I promise to do better during non-NaBloPoMo months!


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