Okay, wow. There I was looking at Facebook, when I said to myself, “Instead of doing this, you should be writing your blog!” So I logged in. That’s progress, right?

Also progress? Fitting into jeans a size smaller. It’s not that big a deal. The ones I usually wear are quite baggy. The ones I wore today were fine, but by the end of the day, I was happy to release my flesh. Why isn’t there an in between size?

Food today: oatmeal, tuna on a light whole wheat English muffin, parmesan & garlic pita chips, lavash with hummus. Tonight, I’m making pork meatballs smothered in salsa. Hope they’re good. I’ll probably have a couple of those and a tortilla. Water. Lots of water.

I got home from work at 6 pm and awaited Han’s brother & girlfriend who were supposed to get back to the house at 6:30 when I would then drive them to their hotel downtown. At 6:40 pm, I called him (Han had left for a gig). They were still walking back from Mission Bay. I met them at a taco shop. Then we drove to Han’s gig so I could leave some CDs (it wasn’t a real gig, but a showcase for some filmmakers). I got there at the last song so we waited around for Han to be done so he could say goodbye to his brother. Then I drove them to their hotel and said goodbye myself.

I got home at 8 pm and it was time for Han to work on recording the Homegrown Hour with Cathryn. I watched CSI from the DVR then started dinner. We eat pretty late around here on nights when D’s not here. Still, it’s better than running out to get burritos which is what we have done so many times in the past. I’m sure we’ll do it again, too, but I’m really trying hard to make dinner when I am able. So far so good.


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  1. Robt O'Sullivan says:

    Hi Lizzie! Checking back in to your blog after an extended absence – it rocks that you’re still doing this after so many years.. I think it’s totally admirable and inspiring.. just wanted to tell you that we’ve replaced our pasta suppers in this house with spaghetti squash.. halved, steamed in water within the slow cooker for several hours, then tossed with crumbled sausage, tomatoes, basil, parmesan, garlic and olive oil.. yum!

    How’d your meatballs in salsa come out, it sounds really good.. sending soul-seasoned love your way, xoxoxoxo

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