You’re in a grocery store

when I want to really boggle my own mind
which happens more frequently than you’d think
I consider the grocery store

can you see it?
aisles and aisles of canned goods

then I think about all the grocery stores
just in my immediate area
from the big boys to the smaller mom & pop shops
and how if I went into any one of them
I could find just about anything I needed or wanted

then I branch out and think about
how these stores exist not just in my city
but in cities and towns across the nation

I think of those crazy statistics people
talk about like ‘if you lined up every can end to end
you could go around the world twice’
or something like that

I think of the food I throw out because
leftovers are never quite as good the next day
and my intentions for that lettuce were good
or why did I think I could switch to ‘light’

so how on earth is it remotely possible
that there is hunger


I’m challenging myself to write 30 poems in April. I’ll be the first to tell you that this one is not my best, but it’s something. The poetic juices need to get a little warm to flow better. Prompt taken from A Writer’s Book of Days by my friend, Judy Reeves.


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