a month of writing

even if it’s short

even if it says not much of anything

it hurts to swallow going on 3 days now, seems better today than yesterday

i watched “The Natural” today, one of the greatest baseball movies ever

i’ve not done much of anything else today, took my car in for recall repair, waited at Starbucks and read “The Fault in Our Stars,” picked up an amp for Han, that’s it

not one household chore got done today, it feels equally triumphant and irresponsible

tomorrow is the rock ‘n’ roll marathon, and part of the route goes near our neighborhood

on Saturday nights i always think i’ll get up early on Sunday morning and get shit done, i’m feeling that way now, we’ll see

I posted 2 reviews of records that Han recently produced, both reviews were very positive, exciting

I’ve committed to participate in a writing marathon on June 9 – 9 hours straight of writing. My goal was to raise $500 for San Diego Writers Ink. So far, I’ve raised $575 🙂 Pretty excited about it.

i need to go to bed, hopefully this throat thing will resolve by tomorrow


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