Easy like…

Sunday morning.

Made breakfast (sausage patties, cinnamon rolls, scrambled eggs). Started laundry. Took a shower. Watched some French Open. Did some of the things on my to-do list (not all of them).

In other parts of San Diego, runners ran through the streets, fulfilling personal dreams and accomplishing big goals. The Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon.

At 2 pm, it was podcast time. The guest was Barbarella. Great to see her, awesome to hear her talk about all the stuff she’s got going on. But it went long. We weren’t done ’til 6:30 pm. Didn’t feel like cooking so we got KFC, a rare treat, and watched The Campaign. It had some funny parts, but overall, it was just okay.

Last night, Han got rear-ended, and although the car was not damaged, he is feeling a bit sore 😦

I got spoiled from my 4-day weekend last week. It’s already back to work tomorrow. Too soon.

In the distance, fireworks are going off at Sea World. Summertime is here, as is the typical June Gloom. I don’t mind it so much. Especially when I know that July, August & September are going to be hot. I don’t mind that so much either, though.

I discovered just this morning that there is a jacaranda tree in our front ‘yard.’ It doesn’t have many blooms at all which is why I never noticed it before. They are my mom’s favorite kind of tree. I like them pretty good too.

In one other completely random note, for those of you who keep inviting me to play Candy Crush Saga on Facebook: I have the app on my phone. I’ve tried to connect it to my FB account, and it always says “can’t connect.” I’m on level 147, and there’s NO WAY I’m starting over on FB. It’s a strangely addictive game. And now, I have another. Running with Friends. I’ve already recruited my sister. Mom, will you be next? Stay tuned.


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