feeling it a bit more

Today was better than yesterday. I had to suck it up a bit at work, which is fine, I can do that. I left a bit early because I was helping out Han & D with some shuttling. D’s school is over next week. She’ll be going to a new school in the fall for what will be her junior year. Yikes. Can’t believe it.

We took Han’s car in to have it looked at and to get an estimate for the rear end damage. The estimate was way more than I expected. You can hardly tell anything happened, but Han is working it out with the dude.

I’m currently reading “The Fault in Our Stars” as I’ve mentioned. Today, a whole passage made me weep. It’s a great book so far.

I still haven’t gone grocery shopping. Whenever we end up getting fast food for dinner, part of my insides wither a bit. It makes me feel like a bad person because I know it’s not good for us, and that because I didn’t get the groceries, we have to get fast food. Boo. But I’m telling you, going to the grocery store is an event for me. I need to schedule time. I figure out a menu for the week and shop to it. When I don’t have time to plan, it all kind of goes to hell. I am not a go-to-the-cupboard-and-fridge-and-see-what’s-there-and-make-something-delicious-and-healthy kind of gal. I need recipes. Speaking of which, a friend of mine posted this site on Facebook the other day, and I find it hilarious: http://thugkitchen.com/. Not for the easily offended. 🙂 (And Sandy, Gwyneth mentioned it on Rachael Ray’s show, so it’s legit 🙂 )

I’m feeling a bit discombobulated, haven’t quite found my June groove yet. The year is almost halfway over. I think I need to review my goals for the year and see how I’m doing. Maybe next post.

Han & I watched a few movie trailers tonight. I sometimes like the idea of a movie more than the actual going to see it. But there are some interesting things on the horizon: Man of Steel, Inside Llewyn Davis, This Is the End. One that looked really scary is The Purge. There are so many movie as summer nears. Maybe I’ll see one or two!??!

One last note. I’ve been terribly remiss in keeping up with the French Open, but I do know that Federer lost today! Ha!


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