Operation Birthday Surprise

So, yesterday after Han & I drop off D for a choir show, I say, “Tomorrow is my sister’s birthday & I have no idea what to get her.” He suggests I fly to Salt Lake to surprise her. I dismiss the idea at first, but then as I think about it & as we talk about it, it seems more plausible. It’s exactly the kind of thing I think most people want on their birthday: some kind of grand gesture that makes everyone feel awesome. So damn straight, I did it. I bought a Southwest ticket & rented a car. I called in sick and flew to SLC by way of Phoenix. I waited on their street til MT got home then just walked in the house. He was surprised! Then T came downstairs & even though he was cool about it (“oh, hey, Lizzie”) he admitted later that he had been surprised. After chatting with MT a bit, he went upstairs & I waited for Sandy. She came home & called to her boys. No answer. She said hi to the dog & called out again. Then she came into the dining room where I was standing. I don’t recall if I said anything but she screamed a little (joyfully) and then we hugged and shed some tears. It was beautiful. It felt so amazing to have that moment with her. Totally awesome.

From there, we started talking like we see each other everyday, another beautiful thing we have. Then we all went out to dinner to the Cattle Creek Pub where we all had delicious burgers (T had a Monte Cristo), then we came back here & had cake. She & I talked some more & now it’s time for bed. I’ll call in again tomorrow & go into work with her where she’ll bust out what she needs to do so she can take a half day, then we’ll have some lunch, maybe see a movie. Then I’ll get back on that silver bird and head home, this time through Las Vegas. I’ve thought about playing the slots at the airport, but there’s no need. I’m already one of the lucky ones.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. mamacita says:

    Way cool thing to do, so glad you got to spend Sandy’s birthday together 🙂
    Love you!

  2. Sandy says:

    You are the best sister ever! Thank you so much for the awesome surprise!!

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