a certain smell

Utah has a certain smell in the pre-summer days of June. It’s a combination of cow, pasture, and plain mountain air. It makes me nostalgic for my childhood days in Idaho.

This morning I went to work with Sandy, and we both worked. I borrowed her Chromebook (also using it now), and kept up with my work email rather handily. She was done with her stuff around 12:30 pm. She told all her co-workers about my gift, and they were all very cool. From there, we grabbed T and went to lunch at a place called Kneaders. It’s a bakery style place that serves sandwiches and soup. I had a roast beef and cheddar on a delicious croissant, chips, and a brownie. After lunch, we went to see “Now You See Me.” It was a movie about magicians who pull off grand robberies. There’s a small twist at the end. It was okay, but maybe not worth the ticket price, could have waited for it to be on cable.

As the previews were playing, I received a couple texts that said my flight out of SLC would be delayed. I tried not to freak out. After the movie and back at their house, I got on the computer and sure enough my flight was delayed and wasn’t going to leave SLC until 11 pm. Which means I would miss my connection out of Las Vegas. I called Southwest and they were awesome. Put me on the 6 am flight tomorrow morning. I also called Hertz and I’m good on the rental because it’s still within the 48 hour period. Whew. So other than having to get up at an unholy hour (3 am), I’m glad it worked out.

So then we hung out a bit, then Sandy & I went to Atlantis Burgers to get dinner. So now, we’ve had dinner and we’re watching game 1 of the NBA finals, Miami Heat against the San Antonio Spurs. Sandy is working and I’m blogging while T lays down basketball commentary. MT is already in bed as he has to get up early, too.

I just took an iPhone break to download the GoodReads app and sync it as best I can with what I have on my Kindle. Fun! It’s 9:30 pm, but I will probably hit the hay shortly. 3 am’s going to come quick!


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  1. Sandy says:

    I totally enjoyed spending the day with you!

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