So very tired

I woke up at 3am in West Valley City, UT (with only one panicked awakening at 12:04 am, afraid I wouldn’t hear my alarm). Sandy got up to see me off, so nice. Love my sister. I left her house at 4 am & made my way to the airport. Not even the rental car place was open. Not to mention any other place in the airport. I even had to wait for Southwest ticketing to open. Thankfully, the trusty iPhone was available with games & Facebook.

I got on the plane & it took off at 6 am. I woke up upon landing & disembarked in Las Vegas where it was 6:15 am. Huh? That was hard for my sleep-deprived brain to handle. I made my way to the gate after a ridiculously rude encounter with the guy running the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (note to him: be nice to people, especially at 6:15 in the morning, it’s your job to be up that early). Boarded the plane and slept to San Diego where Han picked me up figuratively & literally; he had a grande iced mocha waiting for me when I got in the car. I relayed the events of the past 40 hours as we drove home. Then I changed my shoes & went to work.

I left work around 5:45 pm, got home, talked with Han a bit, lay down for a bit, went & got some dinner, watched some TV. Han left for his gig & now it’s a little after 10 pm & I’m picking up D from her church bus stop & taking her to her mom’s. Then, I’ll be going to bed.

Acupuncture tomorrow morning is going to feel so amazing. She always says, “Enjoy your rest,” when she leaves me looking like a pincushion. Oh, I will, and those needles will trigger all the good chi to swirl up in me & flood me with well-being.

Oh, and that crazy trip to SLC? I’d do it again in a heartbeat.


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