a feeling of general malaise

This feeling has nothing whatsoever to do with where I am: at my parents’ house. No, it started this morning when I sat around too long so that I had to hurry to get out the door. Then I was faced with some of the worst traffic I’ve seen between San Diego and LA in a long time. I almost didn’t make it here on time to pick up my dad from dialysis. But I did, and all was well.

We got back to the house and soon after Mom & I went to lunch at Black Angus. I was hungry but I couldn’t decide and in a moment of ordering panic, I selected the fish & chips. Bad choice. They were greasy and heavy. Hello?!? You don’t order fish at a steak place. Stupid! Lunch left me very unsatisfied.

So I figured I’d watch some golf and nap. The nap was also unsatisfying. The dog kept jumping on me and licking my face, and I almost got a bit chilly from the A/C. I know, I know: first world problems.

Mom & I went to the store and got some stuff for dinner. She made breaded pork for me and enchiladas for her & Dad. We watched a combination of “Chopped” and “House Hunters.”

Tomorrow is Father’s Day! I’m glad I get to spend it with mine 🙂 Should be a day filled with watching sports on TV & general hanging out! Hopefully no more malaise!


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