laziest person in America

While yesterday left me with a sense of malaise, today was totally about laziness. My own. I got up at a reasonable time (9 am), but then I made my way to the recliner not to move for a good few hours except to get up for food (breakfast was the standard waffles and bacon). I parked myself there and watched the majority of the last round of the U.S. Open golf championship. Alas, poor Phil Mickelson is still this tournament’s ‘bridesmaid.’ 6 times in a row he’s finished 2nd. Ouch. I thought things would turn around for him with the eagle on the 10th, but that last putt for birdie on the 18th to tie it up was just a bit too much. Justin Rose won it, his first major.

Of course, it’s also Father’s Day, so I did set up my card and gift for him while he was out of the room. The card made him cry, awww, and the gift seemed well-received. I got him a Willie Nelson baseball cap. The FB photo was promptly posted. He hung out with me and watched the golf most of the day which is cool because it’s probably not something he would have chosen to do.

At one point, I did get up and get dressed. I went to get gas, a Coke, and some lunch. To get my Coke, and stemming from my laziness, I decided to do something I’d never done before, use a drive-thru dairy. Now these odd little convenience stores are relatively prevalent in my high school town so it’s kind of strange that I’d never used one before. Since all I wanted was a Coke, it was the perfect solution. So I get in line, pull into the store, tell the guy I want a Coke. He brings it to me and I pay him and I’m on my way. It’s like a car wash except on the sides, it’s lined with stuff you find at a convenience store. It’s not for grocery shopping, just when you need something quick. It was great! I even preserved the moment on Facebook.

After my foray into civilization, I resumed my position on the recliner. After golf was over, there was only a short time before the basketball game was on. I played games on my phone, I read through Real Simple, I helped my mom a bit with dinner. But mostly it was me on the chair, in various states of play with the dog. For dinner, my mom cooked up some carne asada – yum!

I guess today’s betterment is my mental health. A day in which I choose to do pretty much nothing. I’ll stay here again tonight, then head to work in the wee hours tomorrow morning.


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