Monday halfway blues

Woke up at my parents’ house, said goodbye as they stirred awake at my noises, and was on the road by 6 am.

Traffic was horrible so I ended up double-backing slightly to take a different route. That was a solid choice. At work by 8:15 am.

Work was fine though some bad news at the end of the day left me a little deflated. Then I had to go to my all-time favorite place, the grocery store. It wasn’t too bad though so then I finally got home to my sweet Han.

I made dinner (baked meatballs over brown rice w/ brown gravy). Then we started to watch “Oz the Great & Powerful” & it’s put me in a sour mood. I didn’t even finish it yet. I can’t quite put my finger on what I dislike about it, but it just feels wrong. I suppose I’ll finish it tomorrow. Now I’m off to bed, have to go to work earlier than usual tomorrow.


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