3rd Tuesday = poetry night

The third Tuesday of every month is poetry night at Rebecca’s coffeehouse in South Park. I started to go starting in March or April. I also asked my friend, Lindsay, to come along with me in April. She was on tour with her duo in May so I was by myself last month, but tonight she was back!

I like being in that setting: the coffeehouse. Some of the poets that I knew ‘back in the day’ are still around, laying down their poetry, but there are some new faces around, too. I guess I’ve been around long enough that people seem pleased to see me back and enjoy hearing my words again. The goal to keep going regularly is to keep writing new stuff to read. It’s a great motivator.

Today at work, we had a reduction in force, which is never good. My department lost 2 people. That’s never a good day.

Tonight was game 6 of the NBA finals. It went to overtime and the Miami Heat were able to even the series. I got home from poetry just in time to watch the final minutes, but my cable provider (Time Warner cable sucks) is just awful and the whole channel was pixelating and the audio was jumpy. So annoying. Through the digital snow, I saw the Heat hang on. Time Warner, you are on my last nerve. Plus, they don’t carry the Padres games.

Tomorrow night, the Acoustic Duo opens for the Doobie Brothers at Humphrey’s Concerts. Should be a fun time!

This post was kind of all over the place, but hey, I’m writing!


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