Thursday=Cosmos Cafe

Missed last night due to the rocking of Humphrey’s By the Bay Concerts by one Acoustic Duo opening for the Doobie Brothers. I had to save my phone juice to run the credit card app & apparatus (Square). It was a good night.

Tonight the Miami Heat repeated their winning ways for the NBA finals. I like Lebron but was rooting for the Spurs mainly because of Kawhi Leonard who went to school here in San Diego. He played very well throughout the playoffs.

After work today, I came home to make dinner before heading to Han’s solo gig. I wanted to watch the aforementioned game but the channel wasn’t coming in which led to two very upset calls to our cable provider. Grrr!

Went to the gig which was good, although I prefer being there sooner to have more time to chill. It felt like I got there & it was over before I knew it.

Dinner afterwards turned out to be a fail. Made macarrones using gluten-free pasta & ground pork. Between the time I made it & the time we got home, the pasta had formed into massive clumps that just wouldn’t separate. The pork was okay, but I should have gone with seasoned Italian sausage. Live & learn, I guess.

Have you been practicing betterment? It’s kind of hard, right? I’ll try to be more conscious of it in the coming days.


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