A lovely summer day & the super moon

Blogging remotely from the Acoustic Duo’s summer solstice house concert. It’s breezy & the super moon is in effect.

Today was a truly lovely day weather-wise. I went to acupuncture in the morning which was refreshing. She worked on my back for the first time. After she’d put the needles in, she lightly touched them all in a row which produced an interesting sensation. She said it was called “chasing the dragon’s tail.” I loved that. That was my personal betterment.

After that, it was time for errands: bank, Target, Home Depot. Han & I moved the dining room table outside & I got cushions for the chairs. We toyed with the idea of buying a patio set but decided to wait. The little table doesn’t take up much space out there, but it’ll do for a while.

So now we have a lot more space in the entryway of the house & I like it so much better!

After errands, I made a pork tenderloin & we had sandwiches on Hawaiian sweet bread. Yum!

Han left for his gig & I finished up some stuff around the house: some laundry, made the beds, cleaned the kitchen, then I made my way to the gig. All is well.

At the house during the day, we had the doors open & the windows open & the sweet ocean breeze came in & it was just perfect. I want more days like it.


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