bottom of the 10th

That’s right people, I’m watching the Padres game on TV! Hallelujah! We had DirectTV installed today, so goodbye Time Warner Cable!

Still to come (not tonight, but in the coming days):

– put books back in bookcase

– pay some bills

– get my Blazing Laptops prizes out (seriously lagging on this one)

– register new Acoustic Duo songs with BMI

– get a barbecue

– do Han’s taxes

– edit a video on this app on my phone (harder than I thought it would be)

– go see “This is the End”

– update Acoustic Duo email list

– go to the bank

– renew my passport

I feel chronically behind, but I feel like what I’ve spent the time on has been good, even if it wasn’t on my “list.” Do you keep a running list of stuff to do or do you just go with the flow?


One Comment Add yours

  1. Sandy says:

    This will not be a surprise…I am a list-maker.

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