DOMA goes down + Wendy Davis

Today the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Edith Windsor which, in effect, struck down the Defense of Marriage Act which denied federal benefits to same-sex couples who were married in states that allow same-sex marriage. It is a HUGE decision in favor of gay rights & I’m so happy to have been aware of this fight & decision.

They also ruled that the proponents of California’s Prop 8 (prop hate as we called it), which banned gay marriage, did not have legal standing to bring the case to the Supreme Court & therefore, the ban was essentially struck down & the right for gay couples to legally marry in California was restored. Another good win for gay rights.

Meanwhile, last night in Texas, Senator Wendy Davis filibustered to stop a vote for an anti-abortion bill that would have been the most prohibitive in the country. This woman was not allowed to lean, sit, eat, drink, or relieve herself per the Rules of Order. She just had to keep talking in order for the vote to never take place. It’s a rather convoluted story when you get to around midnight when they were trying to vote & the gallery of Davis supporters erupted into cheers for her, in effect making it impossible for the vote to take place. The bill didn’t pass, but Gov. Rick Perry is trying to weasel another special session for it to be voted on again so we’ll see, but for now, it’s all good.

Yesterday, the Supreme Court voted to overturn the Voting Rights Act, and while I understand, and partly agree with the logic behind the decision, I am concerned that it will put us several steps back.

The good comes with the bad, but I am pretty happy with the good. That’s betterment for a nation.


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