another Friday night

And I’m at home plugging away at that list that keeps growing even though I’m checking things off.

Dinner last night was good (sausages with peppers & onions with tater tots), but man, did having the oven on make it super hot! Hopefully we’ll get a new barbecue soon so we can take the cooking outdoors (schedules permitting!)

Work is crazy busy, and we’re awaiting a big decision that will make things change one way or another. But I’m looking forward to starting fresh with my new boss, former peer, and see what we can do.

Have I mentioned that DirecTV is great! Here’s just one reason: channel 701 is Wimbledon Mix. It shows 6 channels of Wimbledon that you can choose from. One is ESPN which is what the ‘normal’ people get. But then, there’s 5 other channels covering other matches! It’s awesome!

Tomorrow among other errands, I’m having my teeth cleaned. After my periodontic surgery in April, it’s healing well, but I’ve got plaque build-up. Plus the periodontist said it’s already receding again. WTF??!? I’m hoping a good cleaning will boost the healing factor. It looks fine, and there’s no pain, but I hope I don’t have to do it again anytime soon.

Tonight I sent off the personalized poems I wrote to the people who donated $75 to my Blazing Laptops fundraiser. I hope they like them!

Good night!


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