I promise not to talk about how hot it is

This morning, I got my teeth cleaned after a stop at Goodwill, the bank, and Kohl’s. Then it was to the grocery store and home to make 2 kinds of soup. This was not my original plan, but Han is trying to organize friends to make meals for our friend, Rob, who had surgery to remove part of his liver about a week and a half ago as part of his cancer treatment.

I made chicken tortilla soup and gazpacho. I want to make gazpacho all the time. I really like it. I had forgotten about it, but then something struck me as I was looking up the recipe for tortilla soup on my phone as I sat in the parking lot of my dentist’s office.

So I made the soups, and then I delivered them. The betterment for today was for others. It was good to see Rob and his wife, Paulette. Their daughter, Ruby, was outside in her blow-up pool. Looked pretty nice. After a brief visit with them, I came back home & had some lunch. Now Han has gone to his gig, and I’m soon to follow. It’s an outdoor backyard show in Bonita around a lovely pool. It should be a great evening.

I’m also finally getting everything ready to mail out to my donors for Blazing Laptops.

Tomorrow, we record the podcast. And I will try to think of something to have for dinner that doesn’t involve the stove.


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